Divorce After 50

Janice L. Green is the author of Divorce After 50:  YourDivorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges (Nolo Press, 2d Ed. 2013) Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges of a Gray Divorce (Nolo, 5th Ed. 2022), a book that empowers the person facing a divorce later in life.

After age 50, divorce has a different feel, a different context, and issues not encountered in younger decades. You know that having more years behind you than ahead of you is a truth that shifts priorities and refocuses the lens through which you experience life, and now, possibly divorce. That recognition is what sets this book apart from others.

Divorce After 50 guides you through the legal and financial issues relevant to a late-life marriage crisis, including these topics:Janice L. Green

The book provides tools and resources needed to navigate more economically through separation and divorce, no matter the size or complexity of your marital estate:

• how to find legal counsel and other professional advisers who are a good fit for your circumstances
• your divorce options – litigation, collaboration, mediation, arbitration, unbundled legal services
• the Four Verbs of marital property division – identify, characterize, value, and divide
• breaking down the big ticket items (your home, retirement plans, and the family business)
  and other assets
• the red-flags of debt and taxes
• support and other means of financial survival during and after divorce

Along the way, the nuts and bolts of divorce are framed by the words of late-life clients. The book concludes with essays written by those who moved through a late-life marriage crisis – offering hope, humor, and humility as they describe the challenges they met, and survived, on the other side of their marital crucible.

Reviews and Availability
In 2018 Divorce After 50 was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal by the Independent Booksellers Association in the nonfiction category and continues to garner high ratings and favorable reviews.

Divorce After 50 is available through your local bookstore, directly online from Nolo Pres at nolo.com or through amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

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